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Statutory compliance is an essential part of your business activities, but very time consuming and could cost a lot of money.  We offer our services to anyone who wants to start a business or maintain the requirements by the new Companies Act 2008 and CIPC or all who might be interested in outsourcing their corporate statutory departments.  We focus on providing continuing excellent service to our clients, and treat each client in a unique way according to expectations.

Our services include the following:

Company Amendments

Amendments to existing companies including the following:

- Change of directors
- Transfer of shares/Redemption of shares/Share buy-backs/Issue of shares
- Change of registered address
- Change location of company records
- Appointment of company officials
- Change of company year end
- Change of company name
- Special Resolutions

Close Corporation Amendments

Amendments to existing CC's including the following:

- Change of members/member's interest
- Change of CC's name
- Change of CC's year end
- Change of registered address
- Appointment of accounting officer

Company Registrations

Registering companies with a customised Memorandum of Incorporation

Registering companies with CIPC Memorandum of Incorporation

New Memorandum of Incorporation

Amendment of existing companies’ memorandum & articles of association to a new MOI


Application for deregistration of Companies and Close Corporations

Reinstating Companies/CC’s

Application to reinstate Company or Close Corporation

Annual Returns

Lodge annual returns for Companies and Close Corporations

Disclosure Certificates

Disclosure certificates for confirmation of latest information on the CIPC data base

Shelf Companies

Changing of details in shelf companies

Statutory Records

Maintenance of Statutory records, company register and minute books

Document Copies

Apply for copies of lost / duplicate documents from CIPC